Domain naming standards

The following requirements determine the eligibility of names applied for within the domain and sub domains.

Business units / projects

Domain names for business units or specific projects should only be used if the requesting authority demonstrates a need for a web presence distinct from that of the parent entity.

Composition of names

All names should contain only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-) or a combination of these.

Names should not consist entirely of numbers.

Note: URLs with underscores or spaces are difficult to interpret in the printed format, due to hyperlink formatting.

Common acronyms

Names in the form of acronyms should not be used if they are also the name of a more broadly recognised organisation or company.

Names of government departments, agencies or local government entities should be represented by the commonly accepted acronym for that organisation.

Electoral division names

Electoral division names should not be used.

English spelling

Names should conform to correct English spelling, grammar and syntax.

Generic words

Generic words, eg should not be used, unless either:

  • referring to an agency specific function; or
  • the site is for whole-of-government use.

Geographical names

Geographical names should not be used unless referring to the name of a government department, agency or local government authority, eg

Long names

Domain names should be as short as possible and, ideally, less than 20 characters in length before the part of the domain name.

Naming formats

Domain names for agency websites should be described in the format:

Non-agency names

Domain names not consisting of an organisational name should describe the function performed by the project or activity.

Offensive names

Names should not contain obscene or offensive language, or otherwise prejudice the credibility or reputation of the domain.

Other State / Territory names

Names preceding the State’s suffix should not refer or appear to refer to a State other than that indicated by the suffix, eg

Personal names

Personal names should not be used.

Political statements

Name that express a value judgement, political statement or bear any correlation to a registered Australian political party should not be used.

Registered trademarks

Registered trademarks or copyrighted text should not be used unless registered to the applying agency.

TAS identifier

Names preceding the State suffix should not contain either the words ‘Tasmania’ or the State suffix, eg