Registration of Tasmanian Government domain names

To register a URL in the domain, complete the registration form.

The form requires approval from your agency communications manager.

It will be submitted to:

  • Manager, Information and Technology Services, DPAC and, if approved,
  • Digital Strategy and Services (DSS) Tasmania
  • Telstra Networking Tasmania Customer Care Centre.

DSS Tasmania is responsible for allocating URLs as well as the technical and operational management of the URLs within the domain space.

Allow up to 10 working days for registration.

NOTE: Charges for registering domain names apply and are the responsibility of the applicant.

Who can apply for a domain name?

The request for a domain name must come from an organisation that is defined by Act of Parliament or government regulation as being (or as part of) a:

  • Tasmanian Government Agency;
  • Statutory Authority;
  • Government Business Enterprise;
  • State Owned Company; or
  • Local Government Authority.

An applicant seeking to register a domain name must be an employee of the requesting organisation, and shall certify that they have delegated authority from the head of the organisation, eg Head of Agency, to register a domain name on behalf of that organisation.

Domain name tips

For further information and things to consider, including:

  • How best to direct users to your particular type of information or service
  • How best to present your information or service in a domain name format
  • How government changes might impact your domain name
  • Using non-government domains
  • Additional domain names
  • Deleting domain names

Visit the domain name tips page.

Contact information

For information about the progress of your domain name application:

Manager, Information and Technology Services, DPAC
Phone: 03 6232 7145

For further information about these guidelines:

Manager, Strategic Projects and Programs, DPAC
Phone: 03 6270 5474

For specific information or technical queries about URLs and domain names:

DSS Tasmania
Phone: 03 6232 7633