Tasmanian Government Icons

The icons set contains 109 icons for use in Tasmanian Government publications to assist in conveying information clearly and quickly.

They can be a powerful tool in aiding understanding, particularly for those people from non-English speaking backgrounds, those with low levels of literacy and those with a visual impairment or other disability.

The icons are presented in two formats: contained (with a square border) and uncontained (with no border). The uncontained icons are more economical in their use of space and may integrate better with existing designs. The contained set has a more visual weight and may perform better in situations where impact is the primary consideration.

Read the Tasmanian Government Icons style guide for a complete list of the icons and guidance on applying the icons, including colour recommendations and minimum size.

Download entire icon set

Download entire set.EPS file - Icons Contained Download entire set.PNG Zip file - Icons Contained

Download entire set.EPS file - Icons Uncontained Download entire set.PNG Zip file - Icons Uncontained

For ease of searching and downloading, the 109 icons are broken up into categories.