1. Introduction

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1.Introduction |


The Tasmanian Government delivers a wide variety of policies, programs and services that share the same goal: to serve the people of Tasmania. Effective communication can enhance service delivery to the community by managing expectations, identifying issues, improving community interactions with government and informing members of the public of their obligations, rights and entitlements.

The Tasmanian Government Communications Policy (the Policy) aims to ensure effective communication between the Tasmanian Government and the people of Tasmania.

The current edition of the Policy was released to reflect the implementation of new Tasmanian Government policies and frameworks including Collaboration – a Tasmanian Government approach and the Buy Local Policy. It also reflects amendments to the Tasmanian Government corporate identity and incorporates an approval matrix to make the document easier to use (see section 10. Communications Approvals)

The Policy advocates a balance of ‘flexibility within guidelines’, whereby agencies have autonomy to conduct their particular communication activities, but in doing so must meet Tasmanian Government standards and guidelines, and the Policy’s requirements.

The Policy is supported by tools and resources provided on the Tasmanian Government Communications website.