8.8 Media announcements


Media announcements may be attended by Ministers or senior officials to generate media coverage for Tasmanian Government policies, programs and services.

Examples of activities that may warrant a media announcement include the:

  • launch of a new program
  • handover of grant money to a community organisation
  • opening of a new tourist attraction or building
  • release of a report or research
  • announcement of a partnership
  • release of government advice or announcement of policies on issues of public interest such as public health matters
  • response to a crisis
  • a matter of public safety.

Policy requirements

When undertaking a media event or announcement, agencies must:

  • consider whether a media announcement is appropriate for the issue
  • in consultation with the relevant Minister's Office, determine if the Minister or other Member of Parliament (MP) nominated by the Minister will represent the Government at the announcement
  • plan and co-ordinate media announcements with the relevant MP’s office
  • advise their agency communications unit of the proposed activity as early as possible
  • ensure all presentation or speech material is consistent with government policy
  • ensure all government materials, displays or presentations are clearly identified in accordance with the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy.