8.9 Events and exhibitions


Government attendance at events and exhibits provides an opportunity to reach a large number of Tasmanians and gives the public an alternative way to access government information and speak with staff face to face.

Policy requirements

In planning and delivering an exhibit or event, agencies must:

  • advise their agency communications unit of the proposed activity as early as possible
  • ensure attendance at the events is based on sound business principles and is a cost-effective method of communicating and disseminating information
  • ensure adequate planning and preparation is applied to deliver a professional government image with high-quality display materials in terms of format and presentation
  • ensure government materials, displays or presentations are clearly identified in accordance with the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy
  • ensure any goods and services used in the development or execution of shows and exhibitions are procured in accordance with the Treasurer’s Instructions (see section 7.2 Communications procurement).
  • Ensure that events are accessible to people with disability. See the Tasmanian Government Accessible Events Guidelines and Checklists for guidance.

It is recommended that agencies:

  • adopt a coordinated approach to participation at events where a number of agencies are represented
  • aim to attract staff with suitable customer service aptitude and skills to represent the Government at the event or exhibition.