9.4 Manager, Communications and Protocol Unit, Department of Premier and Cabinet

The Manager, Communications and Protocol Unit in the Department of Premier and Cabinet is responsible for managing the Tasmanian Government Communications Policy and the Tasmanian Government Communications Website, including advising agencies on communications policy interpretation and application and evaluating the effectiveness of the policy in helping the Government to meet its objectives.

The Manager, Communications and Protocol Unit (DPAC) is specifically responsible for:

  • providing communications advice to agencies as required
  • maintenance and development of the Communications Website, including the resources toolkit
  • providing advice and approvals for communications procurement, including reviewing tender specifications and participating on tender evaluation panels
  • providing advice and approvals for campaign advertising and the sale of advertising and reviewing evaluation of advertising campaigns where required (see section 8.1 Advertising)
  • providing advice on sponsorships, particularly those considered contentious or of higher than normal risk (see section 8.10 Sponsorship)
  • liaising with the Department of Treasury and Finance in the negotiation of whole-of-government communications contracts
  • providing advice to agencies on communications in a crisis or emergency as required, including sourcing communications staff to assist in the case of sustained incidents
  • involvement as required in emergency communications management and planning, including whole-of-government and national counter-terrorism arrangements
  • initiating professional development opportunities for communications staff across government.