4.1 Policy structure

Throughout this policy:

  • Principles describe how a communication method or overarching statement may assist staff in meeting their organisation’s objectives.
  • Policy requirements provide a guide to executing communications activities in accordance with best-practice, and will generally include:
    • actions that must be done
    • actions that are recommended
    • available supporting resources and tools.

When undertaking any communications activities, including the communications methods specified in this Policy it is important that communications staff consider the policy requirements outlined in the following sections of this policy:

  • section 4. Policy statements
  • section 5. Corporate identity
  • section 6 Availability, accessibility and intellectual property rights
  • section 7. Planning, evaluation and procurement.

Definitions have been included to aid interpretation of the policy as intended.

An approvals matrix has been included to present all communications approval requirements under this Policy as a checklist (see section 10. Communications approvals)