Colour palette

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The design colour palette is made up of 27 colours that have been chosen to reflect the colours of the Tasmanian landscape and the services of the Tasmanian Government.


1. Remember, when choosing colours for your design you can complement 100% colours with tints of the same colour or other colours.


2. Remember to check the colour combinations you have chosen achieve sufficient contrast to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility requirements.
Colour palette and tints

The colour breakdowns have been prepared as a guide to producing specified colours, in different mediums. Please note: The colours printed throughout this booklet are intended as a guide, not to accurately match the Pantone Colour Standards. They will look different depending on how they are viewed and printed. What you see on your computer monitor may vary from what is printed on your office printer, and again from a professional print. Due to these variations it is recommended you match the relevant Pantone colours for complete accuracy.

PANTONE+ (PMS) and CMYK – used for professionally printed material.
sRGB – used in screen applications i.e. Word documents.
Web hexadecimal – used in screen applications, primarily for web publication.

All colour codes were generated from within Adobe Illustrator using the PANTONE+ Colour Bridge Coated swatch book. Illustrator was chosen as the most efficient industry-standard program for producing colour codes for a range of outputs; while Colour bridge is designed to retain consistency when changing between colour spaces/medium outputs. Note that colours are subject to a number of variables, including monitor brightness, contrast and calibration and individual program colour profiles.

Design colour palette break downs