Using the 'Tasmanian' brand in Government

The Tasmanian brand is managed by Brand Tasmania. It is designed to communicate messages that promote the value of being ‘Tasmanian’ and the State’s appeal as a place to live and work, visit, learn, trade and invest.

The use of the Tasmanian brand is not mandatory in government but agencies can incorporate it in their communications activities where appropriate within the Tasmanian Government design framework. It is important to note that the Tasmanian Government logo is always required on Tasmanian Government communications and marketing materials.

The Tasmanian brand website provides more information about the Tasmanian brand and its accompanying design framework. For advice on using the Tasmanian brand, please contact Brand Tasmania.

Examples of how to use the Tasmanian brand in Government

The following examples have been developed to bring the Tasmanian brand to life within the requirements of the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy, including using the mandatory font, Tasmanian Government logo and basewave.

The defining colours of the Tasmanian brand are black and white, therefore when using the Tasmanian brand to promote Tasmanian Government initiatives, it is recommended that the logo and basewave be white reversed out of black to visually complement the Tasmanian brand. Variations to this are possible and should be first discussed with Brand Tasmania to ensure they align with the Tasmanian brand values.

'Story pairing' in photography is a key design element of the Tasmanian brand. In your designs, you have the option to use either a single image or a ‘story pairing’ approach if photography allows. An example of a story pairing is provided for an A4 document cover below. Please refer to the Tasmanian Brand Book for a guide on how to implement story pairings.

The Tasmanian word mark is designed to convey the Tasmanian brand values in a simple to use device. As such, it’s not intended to be positioned as a second logo.

Example: A4 document cover

Example: A4 to DL flyer

Example: A4 fact sheet

Example: Pull-up banner