Classified advertising

Classified advertising refers to print advertisements displayed in the employment, public notices and tenders sections of the newspaper. Typically, the advertisements seek to impart information in a direct and unembellished manner. For example, advertising for recruitment, educational courses and enrolment, auctions and tenders, announcements, public and statutory notices and emergency notices.

Print advertisements placed in the jobs, public notices and tenders sections are done so under a whole-of-government banner. As the Tasmanian Government logo is already featured in the banner, individual advertisements do not need to include the logo or basewave. Font must be Gill Sans.

Non-campaign advertising is booked through Gray Matters Advertising, the agency that currently holds the Master Ordering Agreement.

See further details of the contract and the Tasmanian Government Communications Policy’s advertising requirements.

The Classified advertising guidelines provide more information on classified advertising requirements.

Example of classified advertising