Multimedia productions

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Mandatory: logo end frame, production information and captioning (or accompanied by a transcript). 

Multimedia productions are any clips, videos or DVDs that have been produced by the Tasmanian Government for broadcast or viewing. These may include (but are not limited to): general information videos and DVDs playing in a Government office, customer service area, public hospital, public event or trade shows; DVDs and clips intended for staff information or training; clips for broadcast online; or DVDs that the public can request, hire or purchase.

The Tasmanian Government logo must appear on the end frame of all multimedia productions. 

The logo must be a minimum size of one-third of the screen height and should appear in full colour on a white screen, or in white reversed out of a black screen. 

 Visual files are available from

Logo screen

Film and video productions must include the title, date of publication/production, and source department or agency – this may be through providing a URL.

All multimedia productions must include captions or be accompanied by a transcript.

Example of a video with captioning (still shot)

Joint partnership

If the Tasmanian Government is participating in a joint partnership with other organisations, the Tasmanian Government logo is to appear in the same size and proportion as logos of partnering organisations. The authorisation frame is not required.


If organisations are providing sponsorship or support to a Tasmanian Government project or initiative, their logos may appear on the pre-end frame below the Tasmanian Government logo. The Authorisation Frame is still required. If the Tasmanian Government is providing support or sponsorship to an organisation or initiative, the Tasmanian Government logo must appear in its entirety with the ‘supported by’ or ‘sponsored by’ tag.

Example of acknowledgement of sponsors