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Outdoor advertising includes billboards and advertisements on buses (bus backs) and taxis (taxi backs). For information on external signage, including for buildings and directional signage, see Signage – External.
Example of DHHS busback

The Tasmanian Government logo must be clearly visible on all outdoor advertising. The size of the logo on outdoor advertising should be guided by the ratios outlined below to ensure that the Tasmanian Government logo is prominent and clearly visible at a reasonable distance.

Billboards - The basewave is not required on billboards. The logo has a minimum size of 520mm wide, based on an average 24-sheet billboard, that is three metres high and six metres wide.

Bus backs - The basewave must be applied to bus backs and the logo must be a minimum size of 285mm, based on average dimensions of 2100mm high and 2100mm wide.

Taxi backs - The basewave is not required on taxi backs. The logo must be a minimum size of 70mm wide, based on the average dimensions of 400mm high and 800mm wide.