Use colours, type and design that enhance legibility for signage users.

Font type

  • Gill Sans is suitable for signage as it is clear, simple and well proportioned. 
    Be mindful of font weight. Use of heavy or bold letters with close spacing will create difficulties in defining a word. 
    Use sentence case and save uppercase for important information, titles or emergency items.
    Allow for larger kerning (the space between letters) than usual but not too large.

Font size

Check your font point size in relation to the distance from which the sign is to be legible, but remember that this is only suitable for the average user with good eye site at a slow speed.

As a guide, the following diagram and table illustrate the distances at which certain sizes of lettering can be read by a person with normal eyesight. Factors such as style of font, colour, background and context may affect these distances. Always test part of the sign text at actual size.

Type sizes and distances

Type sizes and distances

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Readability tips

Letter height

Distance for
best impact (meters)

Maximum readable distance (meters)



30 m



45 m

150 mm

18 m

60 m

200 mm

24 m

105 m

230 mm

927 m

120 m

250 mm

30 m

135 m

305 mm

36 m

160 m

380 mm

45 m

190 m

450 mm

54 m

230 m

600 mm

73 m

300 m

760 mm

90 m

380 m


110 m

460 m


128 m

530 m