• Signs in direct sunlight will require a more durable finish.
  • Do not use cut out vinyl if the sign is at risk of being targeted by vandals.  Consider a full edge-to-edge print and using a vandal resistant laminate, installing the graphics on the inside of the glass or building or raising the height of the placement of the sign - but don’t let this compromise legibility.
  • If a very durable finish is required, consider metal print and epoxy coating systems.
  • Think about whether your sign will need to be changed and, if so, how often.  If regularly, you may want to invest in a modular off-the-shelf signage system with guaranteed parts for years to come. If it will be changed less frequently, then make sure this is taken into account in the design and materials.
  • If you’re applying vinyl, your surface must be flat. If you’re applying to paint work, your surface must have a certain amount of sheen for the vinyl to stick and cope with the fluctuation of the climate.
  • The best rule of thumb is not to immediately apply vinyl to a freshly painted wall; make allowance for this in your timeframes.