Stationery is printed in three colours unless specifically required in one colour (black). No other colour combination is available.

The logo should be placed in the top right-hand corner. Body copy is to be left-justified.

The "Tasmanian Government" version of the logo must be used on letterheads, not the strap line version.

Stationery does not use the basewave device.

The mandatory font is Gill Sans, or – only where Gill Sans is unavailable – Arial.

Note: when using window envelopes, indent the recipient address to 30mm or as required (but not the department address or body copy).

There should be no punctuation in the address lines. The city and state should also be in capitals. Australia Post have provided this layout advice as it is the most easily read, by Australia Post’s automated systems.

The speicifcations for A4 letterheads are:

  • Department name - Gill Sans regular 14pt
  • Unit name - Gill Sans light capitals 9pt on 12pt leading (2mm space before)
  • Address - Gill Sans light 9pt on 12pt leading (3mm space before)
A4 letterheads