Sub-brand television advertising

Sub-brand television advertising

Mandatory: sub-brand logo end frame, an authorisation frame (except CSAs), captioning and CAD approval.

Sub-brand logo end frame

The Tasmanian Government and sub-brand logos must appear on the end frame prior to the authorisation frame of all television advertisements.

The logos must be equal height and a minimum size of one-third of the screen height and should appear in full colour on a white screen, or in white reversed out of a black screen.

If sponsors logos are to be used, they are to appear evenly spaced along the bottom of the screen under the Tasmanian Government logo.

For advertisements 30 seconds and above, the sub-brand logo end frame must appear for a minimum of 2.5 seconds. For advertisements 15 seconds and below, it must appear for a minimum of 1.5 seconds.

See pages 45–46 for the specifications for authorisation frames, captioning, CAD approval and CSAs.

Sub-brand logo end frame.jpg