5.1 Tasmanian Government corporate identity


A clear and consistent corporate identity enables the public to recognise Tasmanian Government activities, and enhances service to the public by improving access to government programs and services and increasing awareness of government policies.

In broad terms, corporate identity refers to logos, logotypes, badges, design elements, symbols, slogans, and other visual and aural identification and promotional features.

The primary Tasmanian Government logo shows an image of the thylacine drinking from a stream and is accompanied by the words Tasmanian Government.

Tasmanian Government logo, in both vertical and horizontal configurations

The logo is a copyright design and has been registered as a trademark under the Trademark Act 1995 (Commonwealth).

Policy requirements

All Tasmanian Government agencies must comply with the Tasmanian Government corporate identity requirements, including the use of the Tasmanian Government logo, as outlined in the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy (the Style Guide).

The Tasmanian Government logo must not be used by non-government organisations unless it is required by an agency to acknowledge government support or sponsorship. In these situations, a ‘supported by’ or ‘sponsored by’ version of the logo must be used as outlined in the Style Guide.

The Style Guide has four mandatory elements:

  • logo
  • font
  • colour palette
  • basewave.

The Style Guide requirements apply to materials including, but not limited to:

  • stationery
  • publications
  • radio, television and press advertising
  • outdoor advertising
  • signage
  • multimedia productions
  • websites and mobile websites
  • social media sites, online advertising and applications
  • branding and collateral.

Queries about corporate identity should be directed to agency communications managers or the Manager, Communications and Protocol Unit (DPAC).